Magickal Cards For Healing And Magick




I have been using magickal symbols since childhood as my grandmother was a woman of special powers, and taught me how to use symbols while doing anything and everything.

I remember how she used to draw symbols on our cows when the milk was less in quantity…and the guy who milk the cows would slyly look at her and say…ah she’s doing magick, tomorrow we will have one pail more of milk…and yes we always had.

I have 20 magickal symbols here for you which can be used in different situations, such as, stop fight between couples, attract love, banish your enemies, stop gossip, attract immense wealth etc.

Some of the symbols are inspired by ancient pagan signs, some of them came to me while meditating and some passed on to me by my grandmother.

All of them have been used multiple times by many healers and are 100% effective, depending on your faith.

How to use them are mentioned in the PDF which you can download, as well as the print size card images.

You can print them on a color printer if you have one, on normal paper, and stick them on to playing cards, they are the same size.

Or you can take the digital file to a printer shop and ask them to print on stack paper, you can also laminate them.

After you use the symbols, please send me your feedback, your experiences, I would love to know…. Write to Anita on

I am also giving free access to my Usui Reiki Level 1 class to the first 20 people who buy the 20 magickal cards.

Write to Anita on to get access to the free Usui Reiki Level 1 Course.

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