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Nneetu Seth Kolkata

Reiki and Lama Fera Grand Master Nneetu is recognized as an intuitive and gifted Master Healer, a peaceful spiritual soul whose life purpose is to illuminate. She follows her life purpose by providing energetic healing services, healing products and spiritual guidance to her clients which inspire pathways for energy healing, growth and transformation.

She specializes in removing pain, blockages and limitations on the physical, emotional, mental levels thus opening the door of possibilities to flow.

She has successfully helped countless clients suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, eating disorders, high blood pressure, prenatal suffocation, birth trauma, financial, job, relationship and many other issues. GM Nneetu is a powerful passionate and transformational personality. She creates a wonderfully safe, sacred space in which to perform healing magic with angels and other light beings.

GM Nneetu has received countless initiations from many accomplished and highly skilled Gurus and Masters. Her work connects with the collective healing consciousness. She is skilled in the following spiritual healing sciences;

Lama Fera Grand master, Karuna-Karmic-Elemental Reiki Grand master, Pranic healing Arhatic Prep, Switch words, Bach flower Therapist, Zibu Symbols, Angel Therapist, Numerology, Tarot Reader, Crystal Grid Healer.

GM Nneetu also runs a very successful online business in crystals and accessories required in Spiritual healing and also conducts many popular spiritual teaching and healing groups on WhatsApp.

Courses Offered are :

Pranic Healing Arhatic Prep
Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki Master
Karmic Reiki Master
Elemental Reiki Master
Lama Fera Master Teacher
Knot Magic
Bach Flower Remedies

Basic and Advance levels of all the above courses are available
Mode of teaching is through WhatsApp and Emails.

Her words:

I’m basically a school teacher. Being born in a Hindu family I was inclined towards the Pooja and rituals taught by my parents and since my teenage I use to read a lot of spiritual books. Over the years I’ve learned many modalities and started doing healing and intuitive reading”

She can be contacted on her mobile or through email
Phone :+91 7003252239 Email address: ntseth@gmail.com

Or just use the contact form here



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