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The Chrysalis Teachings – Windows on the Past

The Chrysalis Teachings – Windows on the Past

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About Course

The dual nature of humans is one of the mysteries of life. There is an outer experience and an inner experience both going on at the same time. The oceans are good examples of this dual nature of all things in existence. Picture the outer experiences of life as a ship traveling over the surface of the water. Underneath this ship, deep down in the water, there is much going on that is not visible to us while we are caught up watching the movement and beauty of the ship. Even those aboard the ship experiencing the bouncing of the waves do not see the teeming life below the surface. Below the surface of the water there are entirely different aspects to existence than above. For instance, gravity is different and also the means of sustaining life are quite different.

We learn of the chakras and their relationship to the organs of the physical body and how this knowledge can be used in healing. The Botanical Kingdom evolved to having three chakras. The animal half of the Biological Kingdom has evolved to having five chakras, although the fifth chakra is not fully developed in animals. The human half of the Biological Kingdom has evolved to seven chakras, but the seventh is not fully developed. We are given material that helps us understand the development of our brain. Most of our lives we have heard that we’re only using a mere fraction (ten to twenty-five percent) of our brain. This material tells us how to access the rest of it and also of the remarkable feats our brains are really capable of.

The soul is the original spark of the Creator’s mind that was released during the explosion at the beginning of creation. The Creator’s purpose in shattering Himself was to learn, grow and evolve and experience His planets. He could not do this as a whole mind. He had to individualize Himself in order to enter the animal/caveman bodies that populated the earth. We are asked to pretend we are the Creator and learn why reincarnation is the only logical way to structure the universe. We also learn how the soul’s progress is charted and how the different incarnations are planned in the birthing-computer rooms. The processes of birth into the physical realm and birth into the spiritual worlds (death) are explained. We also learn of the requirements to achieve eternal life. Life on the large planets is discussed and compared to the inner planes where we go at night.

The New Creation is basically a grass roots movement of the people, rising up in consciousness to claim their birthright, their divine heritage. This divine heritage restores the rights of individuals. It necessitates each one taking responsibility for their actions and also their reactions to situations. This will eliminate the self-pity and martyr syndromes that so many are locked into. The New Creation is a New Beginning in Man’s mind. It is the shedding of out-dated concepts and teachings that we have inherited through the ages from those who came before us who, because of reincarnation, were really us after all. We were, of course, not as enlightened then as we are now. Because of this non-enlightenment, most true teachings were misinterpreted and teachings were instigated that furthered the power of the leaders of the people. The true teachings are: reincarnation, God Within, double evolutionary track, inner journey, outer journey and more. The New Creation is the understanding of these teachings.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Realizing we are not alone.
  • Wonderment and awe of creation.
  • Deeper thinking.
  • Curiosity.
  • Caring about others.

Course Content

Section 1 – The Big Bang
I was given a look at the evolving universes that went through seven phases of build-up, then imploded and started the same build-up again leading eventually to the big bang.

  • Lesson #1 – The Big Bang (intro)
  • Lesson #2 – The Creator’s Mind (intro)
  • Lesson #3 – Birth and Development of our Universe
  • Lesson #4 – Birth and Development of our Galaxy
  • Lesson #5 – The Big Bang
  • Lesson #6 – The Hydrogen Atom
  • Lesson #7 – The Creator’s Mind

Section 2 – The Birth of Planet Earth
In the beginning of the universe there was vast emptiness, a void, nothing but black space. Planet earth had been in suspended animation until explorers, a comet, came from another universe and invaded this black space with a spark of energy that started the process of life on it.

Section 3 – The Birth of Humans
Space expeditions went every thousand years or so. When the spacemen first they set down their huge Mother Ship the animals who saw them were frightened and all left the area. They had to finally set traps to catch them. This was when the first genes, the pure strain, were injected into the race.

Section 4 – The Chakra System
There is a whole field of work with the chakras that can be opened up. They truly are our connection with our inner being to help us synthesize the body and soul. It was planned that the chakras be the link between the seen and the unseen worlds. As each chakra, each energy center of the body was built the form grew ever more evolved and intelligent.

Section 5 – The Powerhouse in our Brain
There is a potential powerhouse in each human. The human mind has twelve different levels of functions, different energy wave rates, and of these only three are being used by most people. The first level is just human survival instinct. The second is our sleep state, the third is the use of our everyday mind, thinking and reasoning. The fourth level is the higher mind. The fifth level will take humanity one step further in the next dimension. If these higher areas could be reached at this time, many mind power feats could be accomplished.

Section 6 – The World of Dreams
The explanation of dreams as being of our sub-consciousness mind is not entirely true. Our sleep state opens the door into all levels of the mind and you will find dreams taking place on all levels.

Section 7 – The Soul’s Journey
The soul is spun off the seedcore which is what is used over and over again on planet four with new physical forms and personalities for every incarnation. The seedcore is the holder of the family tree. It comes back & spins off another personality. All your former lives are part of the seedcore.

Section 8 – The Inner Planes
The whole soul is what experiences the inner planes, not the half soul. Each evening there is a period where the two halves of the soul meet and join up or bond. Classes, even individual counseling, a party, rest and relaxation, renewal, rejuvenation – all of this can take place within a twenty-four-hour period, and does each night in the two-hour period of earth plane time! The two hours that the soul is out of the body, would be equal perhaps to a twenty-four-hour period of earth plane time. About one hour to twelve would be approximately accurate. Therefore, the physical body is living a twenty-four-hour period and the spiritual body also lives its own twenty-four-hour period. As far as what happens to time, it would be like putting a film into a fast speed. So much can be learned and gained and understood and known in that two-hour period, that it is very frustrating for souls when they re-enter the body and are slowed down into the very, very slow vibration of the earth plane.

Section 9 – Birth and Death
The seedcore is the holder of the family tree. It comes back & spins off another personality. All your former lives are part of the seedcore. Good & bad are separated here and only the beautiful and creative lives are kept. All it takes is one plus deed to let any lifetime become part of the soul. If nothing was achieved in that life, than no part of it will remain. This is the true meaning of death.

Section 10 – The Universal Laws
The first Universal Law (Spiritual Concept) we need to discuss is Equality. All men are equal in the eyes of the Creator. This is the meaning of the words in our constitution – all men are born equal. This has been misinterpreted as applying to physical life circumstances only and this is certainly not true. When talking about the present life only they are not born into equal circumstances. The meaning goes back to original creation when the divine sparks shattered. That was the point when they were born equal, the point where that statement can apply.

Section 11 – 7 Gifts, 7 Virtues & 7 Concepts
A person must not try to assimilate too much at one time or they will be overwhelmed. One small step at a time will be the way, through the understanding of the Seven Great Gifts, the Seven Daily Virtues and the Seven New Concepts. The starting point is logically the Seven Gifts, but these must be interwoven with the Seven Virtues and the Seven Concepts. These will tie together into a philosophy for living in today’s world. The Seven Gifts were bestowed on humanity at the beginning of the creation of humanity.

Section 12 – Personal Psychic Experiences
After I was married, I kept wondering when my life was really going to start. I was interested in psychic phenomena, but scared of it at the same time. My husband was not interested in anything like that. My younger sister and I used to experiment with ESP. We were right so many times that we began to feel that we were invading the other one’s privacy and eventually quit.

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