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Spells And Rituals

Spells And Rituals

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About Course

This course has rituals for love, money, abundance, health and much more. You will learn everything you need to know to get started in the world of  magick. From the essential items every witch needs to scheduling your rituals for peak power, you’ll discover all the tips and tricks of the craft. And don’t forget the rituals themselves!

This is not a Wiccan or Hoodoo course, this is a ritual course. You will find all kinds of ritual magick here, performed on video.

Magick is what you think. Of course your thinking influences your own actions, but magic is the direct influence of thought. The intention of the thoughts is the effective force, the cause.

Magick really is that easy: think yourself a wish and then no longer think of any reasons why this wish should not manifest itself.

Each spell and ritual is demonstrated step by step through video lessons…join now and enjoy

This course was conducted on zoom, as a ritual workshop, for a period of 3 to 4 months, so you will find references to products that were sold along with the workshop, please ignore such references. The practitioner is an Indian, and the accent may sound different to people from USA, UK, AUS etc, so every ritual and spell is accompanied with a downloadable PDF.

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What Will You Learn?

  • >You will learn how to cast spells with step by step video demonstration
  • >This course has 6.5 hours of video lessons
  • >Practitioners who are interested can use these spells for clients and charge them
  • > Lifetime access to the course
  • > Internationally recognized certificate
  • > External certificate from the teacher
  • > Book Of 5000 Spells as a bonus

Course Content

Archangel Sigil Magick Rituals
In this module you will learn 14 Archangel Sigil Magick Rituals

  • Ritual For Support In A Crisis Situation
  • For Relieving Anxiety/For Healing Infections/For Healing Wounds And Injuries
  • Healing Body Disorders/Relieving Pain/Relief From Chronic Pain/Healing Skin Disorders
  • Relief From Fatigue/Easing Depression/Peaceful Sleep/Healing A Resistant Illness
  • Protection From Epidemics/Healing A Major Illness

Prosperity & Relationship Rituals
3 prosperity rituals 3 relationship rituals Stop gossip ritual Angel Blessing ritual Angel Healing Angel Meditation Anyone can do these rituals, with simple stuff everyone has at home.

5 Love Spells
In this module, I have included 5 love spells. 1. Get your ex back 2. Marry the person you desire 3. Binding your loved one 4. Harmony between couples 5. Doll spell for brining couples together

Sigil Prosperity And Love Spells
In this module I am teaching two spells using powerful sigils 1. Sigil Prosperity Spell 2. Sigil Love Spell


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