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Santa Muerte – The Holy Death


Santa Muerte – The Holy Death

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About Course

If no previous spells worked for you....it is time to call La Santa Muerte!!! Be it relationships, career, finance...or anything you desire... Call La Santa Muerte...she is just one step away from you...


When all the believers of a God disappear so too does the God die. Santa Muerte, on the other hand is a constant force that exists whether or not you believe in her. She is a fact of life that does not require belief in order to be made real.

If all the devotees of Santa Muerte were to suddenly disappear she would not lose any of her power because human beings are not the only things are alive. In fact the very Universe, we call home is itself alive, which means it will one day succumb to Santa Muerte itself, at which point a new beginning will be born.

Santa Muerte is death. She is not a spirit or deity with dominion over death, but the personification of death itself. This distinction is important because spirits and deities are themselves subject to the power of death.

Welcome to this course on Santa Muerte, where you will learn about Santa Muerte, her rituals, her spells, and much more.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction To The Angel Of Death
  • The History and Legend
  • The Symbols of Santa Muerte
  • Setting Up an Altar to Santa Muerte
  • Working with Santa Muerte
  • Signing The Santa Muerte Pact
  • Invocation
  • Vowing To Santa Muerte
  • The Novenas of Santa Muerte
  • The Love Binding Spell
  • The Black Spell Of Revenge
  • Protective Amulet of Santa Muerte
  • To Release Someone From Jail
  • Healing Ritual
  • Cleansing Ritual
  • Purification Ritual
  • And Much More.....

Topics for this course

23 Lessons

Section 1 Introduction

Lesson 11:54
Lesson 22:08

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Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Resources
  • Certificate Accredited To International Association Of Healing Practitioners


  • Anyone with an interest in spell work can join

Target Audience

  • If no previous spells worked for you, it is time to call
  • La Santa Muerte!!!
  • Be it relationships, career, finance, or anything you desire.
  • Call La Santa Muerte, she is just one step away from you
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