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Remember that as a Reiki practitioner you are not the one doing the healing. The recipient of the Reiki energy is drawing it in and is healing themselves.

You are the conduit that enables them to draw the Reiki energy to the places in their body that are ready to be balanced.

Setting this intention will serve as a reminder that you are a witness and not actively doing anything. As a practitioner, you are at your strongest when you are being, not doing.

Although setting an intention is not essential to performing a powerful Reiki session, it is an effective way to disengage from your ego and expectations around the outcome and become present.

You may wish to also energetically ask for permission to perform a Reiki session on the recipient so that they may heal and balance on all levels. You do not have to say your intention out loud, you can just pause for a moment before you begin your session and set your intention.

An example of the intention you can set could resemble the following:
I am open to receiving Reiki energy and allowing (recipient’s name) to draw in the Reiki energy that is needed so that they may balance on all levels for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned. May we all be empowered by love and light.

This can be done while standing at the head of your client or beside them. You will take a few deep breaths and set your intention before you begin.

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