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Performing Reiki with Others
Although you can perform Reiki anywhere, ideally you choose a location that is relaxing and conducive to healing. Many practitioners perform Reiki in their home and have a room dedicated to their Reiki sessions.

If this is not an option for you, you may want to consider joining a local hollistic center where you can rent a therapy room at a reasonable rate. Some offices will take a percentage of your session fees. This is beneficial when starting out but can add up once you have a full client list.

You will decorate your Reiki room in a way that feels right for you. Generally the room should feel relaxing and clean, and be a safe space for you and your clients.

Try to ensure your sessions will not be interrupted by distractions if you are working from home, such as the telephone or doorbell.

It is ideal to use a massage table when performing sessions. Using a couch or chair can be uncomfortable for you as the practitioner which may take your focus away from the sessions. It is common practice to use two pillows, one for the clients head and other for under their knees.

Make sure the temperature of your Reiki room is comfortable. Some people may get cold during the session so having a blanket at their feet that they can pull up is handy.

Try not to have clutter in the room as that can store energy which can impact the tone of the session. Some practitioners like to have silence during a session while others prefer to have soft music playing in the background.

Music can help you as the practitioner to relax and allow you to focus on the session.

Try to avoid music that is popular and the client will recognize as they could have associations with the music that may not be conducive to the session.There is music available that has been created specifically for bodywork and Reiki sessions. The tracks usually play for 45-60 minutes and include a bell or chime added at regular intervals to let you know when to move your hands.

Some practitioners choose to burning essential oils. Please be aware that some people are sensitive to certain smells and it may distract them from the session and even lead to a negative experience.

Always ask your client before you begin using the scents. Crying before, during and after a Reiki session can occur as your client releases blocked emotional issues and energy, so you will want to have a box of tissues close during the client intake and session.

If at any point you start to feel the emotions your client is experiencing, take a deep breath, center yourself and focus on the Reiki energy. The flow of Reiki is one way only through you, drawn in by the recipient.