Lesson 5 Just for Today I Will Give Thanks for My Many Blessings

Just for Today I Will Give Thanks for My Many Blessings

Our ego tends to colour events as either good or bad. Our soul sees each event as an opportunity to strengthen and experience. Like steel is forged in fire and ice, our experiences take us to places we need to go in order to increase our awareness.

We spend much of our lives in the pursuit of things outside of ourselves in the hopes that they will make us feel good within only to realize that does not work. We think, I will be happy when….

Being grateful now will bring more things into your life that you can be grateful for. Work within and your environment will shift to meet the change in you.

Gratitude is an extremely powerful intention. It can not only raise the vibration of your body and mind but also bring insight and wisdom. You have countless things to be grateful for.

You need to focus on those things and that focus will bring much more into your life. Spending time while holding the intention of gratitude will have a dramatic effect on your life.

You may also choose to use Reiki to help you hold the focus of gratitude. Place one hand on the third eye chakra and the other hand at the base of the skull.