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Anger is usually a result of feeling a lack of power. When a negative event occurs and we have a strong belief we associate with that event, we may not process our emotions completely and our body will store the emotion.

When a second event that reminds us of the first event occurs, our stored emotions emerge and we are then responding to both events with a heightened reaction.

Over time, more and more emotions are stored until we become explosive when triggered. It is a part of our work, to process those stored emotions. Anger is an emotion that can be difficult to process in a healthy manner because our society frowns upon its expression.

When you are feeling anger, breath into it. Take a step back from the situation and become the witness of the event. From that view, you will be able to allow the emotion to pass rather than storing it. On a daily basis, you can meditate on what the absence of anger feels like and choose to feel emotions that are higher in frequency.

When feeling anger, take a deep breath, and then another until you feel the pressure of the anger release. The shift to a higher vibration will help your body and mind to transmute the stored anger.

Remember that every event and individual can teach us about ourselves and our perfection. When we come from that place of wanting to learn and being open, the lessons tend to be easier. When we respond to an event in anger, the lesson is not completed and we are destined to relive it with even more intense energy.