Reiki First Degree Free Course
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When starting out you may worry if you are “doing it right”. There is no single physical correct way to perform Reiki. In the beginning, you will likely begin with a set routine but over time, with confidence you will use your intuition and move your hands accordingly.

Although we do not focus on the symptoms, if you are experiencing symptoms in a specific area, you can place your hands directly over that area at the start of the session, and continue with the remaining hand positions.

Some students ask, if Reiki goes where needed, why are there hand positions at all? If a practitioner is choosing to limit their hand positions, there may be some resistance on a conscious level which could impact the flow of energy.

This is not always the case the but what is important is that the practitioner is open to performing all hand positions as needed. It has been found that clients do like the physical sensations they experience and having all of the hand positions makes them feel as though all parts of the body were addressed so they are also in place to ease the recipient’s mind even though energetically the body is diverting the energy as it needs to.

Even once you are experienced, check in once in a while to ensure your self-treatments are addressing all areas and aspects of the body. Sometimes we may subconsciously avoid an area of our body without realizing it so you may find it helpful to perform a complete self-treatment with additional hand positions as needed every so often.

In the beginning, you will find it helpful to use the positions listed below. When you have mastered those hand positions you can then allow your intuition to guide your self-treatments. You may wish to play music during your self-treatments. Try to perform your selftreatments in a place where you will not be disturbed and feel comfortable. Generally try to spend a minimum of three to five minutes in each position. You can spend more time in areas as needed.

You will always hear, a little Reiki is better than none at all so if your time is limited, do what you can. It is better to spend a shorter amount of time in each position rather than removing a specific position just to ensure your intent to address the entire bodymind is clear.

At the start of each self-treatment, set the intention that you are ready to heal and balance on all levels. When performing self-treatments, you can focus on your breath and with every inhale draw in Reiki energy. With every exhale, release any energy that is not serving you. In the gaps between your breaths, be present and observe the energy.

When you have finished your self-treatment drink a large glass of water. Working with energy can demand a bit more water. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and set the intention that the session is completed and give thanks.

You may feel light headed, and if you need to rest, or sit down for a short time, allow yourself to do so. It is common to fall asleep during a self-treatment. If you do so, at your next self-treatment resume in the position your remember completing last and complete the self-treatment.

If you feel a specific area of your body needs more attention, even after you have completed a full self-treatment, listen to your bodymind and perform additional Reiki in that area.