Lesson 10 The Reiki Session

Beginning The Reiki Session

You will begin the session with your client lying down comfortably on the table face up, fully clothed with their arms at their sides.

Their legs should be relaxed and flat against the table and not be crossed as this can interrupt the flow of energy like crossing two electrical wires.

As a practitioner you may either perform the session with your hands directly in the body of the recipient or slightly above their body. Both ways are effective so this may be determined by the regulations in your area, your preferences and the preferences of your client.

You will gently and slowly place your hands on or above the body and ensure the shift from position to position is slow and smooth. For injured or sensitive areas such as the face, throat, chest and genitals, you will NOT want to place your hands directly on the client.

In those areas, hold your hands approximately 4-5 inches above the body. For clients with touch issues you can perform the entire session with your hands above the client’s body rather than in contact with it. You can confirm your client’s preferences during the intake.

Keep your hands in each position for between three to five minutes. As you become more experienced you will use your intuition to guide you regarding the length of time you spend in each position.

Your fingers should be held together when your hands are in position. This keeps the channel strong between your client and the universal life force.

Pay attention to non-verbal communication from your client’s body. Deep sighs or hand and leg movements are good indicators that something positive is taking place.

Generally, a full session is between forty-five to sixty minutes.

One question often asked is: if Reiki has infinite wisdom and will be drawn where it is needed, why do we have to use hand positions. Can we for example just place our hands on the head for the entire session?

The answer to this question has a slight variation when we consider working with others.

Intention is key as the practitioner and sometimes inadvertently we may avoid certain locations with the client as a result of our own imbalances.

The hand positions ensure that our intention is to allow Reiki to flow through the entire bodymind of the recipient. Also, from a client’s perspective, typically they like to feel that their entire bodymind is being addressed and the physical sensation that they receive from the hand positions gives their conscious mind that understanding.

Although some practitioners like to have their clients roll over mid session, I prefer to keep my clients on their backs. In many cases a client is so relaxed and even sleeping during the session so to have them roll over can disrupt the energy flow.

Because Reiki flows through the body, you can place your hands above the front of it while setting the intention that the position is intended for the back of the client.

At the end of a session always offer your client a glass of cold water to aid in grounding. You will also want to wash your hands in cold water after each session. This will help your bodymind feel that the session has ended.

Full Body Hand Positions
Remember that the following hand positions are only a guide. Use your intuition.

Closing the Session
When you have completed all hand positions, there are a couple of ways you can finish your session. Some practitioners place one hand on their clients crown chakra and the other hand above the client’s root chakra.

Another option which I like is to place one hand on the crown chakra and the other on the heart chakra. This final position can help to balance the energy and close the session. Just as you began the session, you may also want to complete your session by sweeping your client’s aura.

This is done by moving your hands slowly in a sweeping motion above the recipient’s body from their head to feet and can be repeated a few times or as necessary.

Once the session is finished, you can gently let the recipient know the session is complete and give them a few minutes to get up. During that time you can get them a glass of cold water as well as wash your hands and drink some water.

When we are running energy through our bodies, our awareness can shift to the higher energetic frequencies which can make us less present in our physical reality.

Running your hands under the water and drinking cold water can help us to resume our focus to the here and now which is helpful when we resume our daily activities.

Time Constraints
If time does not permit you to perform a complete Reiki session, you can use the time you have to perform an abbreviated version. Completing the hand positions for each chakra as well as the elbows, hands, knees and feet can be effective.

The recipient can be seated in a chair if a treatment table is not available. This session can take as little as fifteen minutes and although it is not as thorough as a complete session, it is much better than no session at all.

You can then close this quick session by sweeping the recipient’s aura. You will still want to offer the recipient water as well as washing your hands in cold water once the session has ended.

Because Reiki works on all levels, it can be used to help in countless ways. Individuals may seek it out to heal physical imbalances or find it when they are searching for answers to life’s mysteries.

Regardless of your history or reasons for pursuing Reiki, the way you will benefit the most from this modality is by being open to it. Fears and doubts will only create a veil of illusion that prevents you from having a clear view of what is possible.

Take a leap and trust that you are learning this amazing art for a reason. Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, you will be able to connect with it whenever you choose for the rest of your life.