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Working with Reiki – Self

Although you have always had a connection to Reiki energy, once you have received your attunements and have a basic understanding of what Reiki energy is, you are ready to work with the universal life force.

Remember that with every profession you need to practice the skills associated with Reiki and even once you feel you have mastered them, continue to be open to learning. You will want to focus first on yourself, then work with people you feel comfortable with and then when confident and ready, expand your Reiki circle.

In time, with practice and experience you will be able to confidently call yourself a Reiki Master and feel completely in tune with Reiki energy and the skills and techniques you will learn here.

Please be gentle with your expectations around how your Reiki sessions should look and feel. Every session will feel different. It is natural that you will feel unsure and question yourself and even Reiki energy.

Allow those fears to arise and see what they are connected to. Are there beliefs that are limiting you that you are ready to surrender?Trust that as you continue your Reiki practice, your body will use the energy to help you gain increased clarity and balance.

Some Masters who do not perform Reiki on themselves and instead focus on others. Although they may be effective practitioners in a session, outside of the healing room their vibrations are low and they do not live the principles of Reiki.

By working with yourself, you can get to a point where just by being yourself, standing in a line at a grocery store or performing mundane tasks at work, you are Reiki. Everything around you will benefit from your presence. In that state, real change in your environment will occur as your energy brings light to everything around you.

Reiki can bring personal transformation on all levels. Perceived obstacles and setbacks are a natural part of the cycles of life, but with Reiki you will have the strength and awareness to deal with them. Even if you focus solely on yourself in your Reiki practice, balance and peace will be your reward.

We are taught that we must work hard at things in order to become proficient. We are also taught that anything worth having is worth working for. These beliefs can set us up for difficulty. Although it can take time to unravel the illusions we have held about ourselves and the world around us, Reiki is simple and using it is not complicated.

Any time and for every situation, Reiki is there for you. The wisdom of your bodymind will use Reiki to get to the root of the imbalance and help you to heal on all levels. If you are feeling tired or have pain, take time to draw in Reiki energy.

If you are among a group of people and feel you are absorbing their emotions and energy, focus on drawing in Reiki energy until your body is full and beaming it. When you are feeling off-center, draw in Reiki energy and allow it to ground you to the earth.

Perform Reiki every day on yourself to recharge your energy. Like a vehicle, our bodies need to be maintained and not ignored until problems, anxiety or illnesses arise. Every time you use Reiki on yourself, you are releasing beliefs, energy and memories that are dulling your natural, perfect state of being. With those releases, your frequency will be raised to where it is meant to be. This can help you to see your true purpose as well as the connections and miracle that is your life.

As mentioned, performing Reiki first thing in the morning can set your frequency for the day ahead. It is thought that our subconscious is especially receptive just as we wake up.

Performing a self treatment and bringing to mind how you want to feel and how you want your day to proceed can be extremely powerful. Also, a self treatment before you go to sleep can help you to relax and unwind, as well as helping you process the day’s events, emotions and energy leading to a restful night of sleep.