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Reiki First Degree Free Course

Reiki First Degree Free Course

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About Course

Reiki is universal energy that comes to us from God. Traditional Usui Reiki is a very powerful healing system – but it is also essentially very simple and anyone can learn to use it to help them develop a sense of wholeness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Universal Life Force Energy is the energy that surrounds us all and sustains life! It is the energy from God.

Reiki is with us for life once we have been attuned to it. You can not loose the ability to channel Reiki it will always be with you.

Reiki is a healing practice that has been practiced for more than a hundred years. By definition, the Reiki energy that is often referred as an essence, symbolizes power, a transcendental spirit and universal.

What makes this different from other forms of alternative healing is that those who possess this power use their hands in curing someone of an illness.

Even the masters themselves cannot explain fully how this works but can only describe it as linking with a cosmic radiant energy that is applied by the practitioner to themselves, to plants, animals and other human beings even over a great distance.

The Reiki energy is drawn through the channel and not sent. In fact, we all have this with us and all we have to do is undergo an attunement process in order for us to heal ourselves or others.

Once you have attained level one, you will be able to detect energy problems that can already tell you if there is an organic problem in your body or with someone else. As your level of experience goes up, your power becomes stronger and those who want to teach what they have learned to others will have to become masters.

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