7 Healing Courses In One Bundle

The Star Seed Souls are the ones who are in the forefront of the ascension process and who are anchoring the higher frequencies of Light on Earth. You will learn: Twenty-eight crystal meditations for you to work with, enjoy, and grow body, mind, and spirit. Great Healing is given to us when we take time out to appreciate the wonders of the Heavens You will get the Certificate when you complete all lessons.
Sound healing is based on the principle that everything in the Universe is made of vibration. Sound healing is possible because the human body is not solid and is held together by vibration. Balancing the chakras Opening Chakras Clearing Energy In A Room Strengthening the body’s immune system
Flower Healing Practitioner The Mystical Uses Of Flowers Remedies Using Flower Therapy How Flowers Heal Step by step distant healing procedure You will get attunement and certificate.

Odin Healing 

It was Odin who discovered the runes and gave them to the Gods,and humans.

Odin, like any deity, can and will influence whatever he chooses to. Odin healing will help you attain heights of fame.

Useful for anyone who is struggling financially.

You will get the Attunement & Certificate

Lama Fera is a very old Tibetan system, which came to the West through the Indian Energy Master Rajeev Wagle in September 2001. We have chosen the slight different name to show, that it is not exactly the same system as Lama Fera. The manual has been reworked by José. As the origin goes back a long time, we have re-channelled the energy. You will get the course certificate
  Spirit Guide Healing You will learn how to connect with your spirit guide and also how to heal with the help of your spirit guide. You will get the course  certificate.
You will learn through psychic exercises how to connect with your higher self and also to another person’s higher self. Useful for anyone who wants to help manking, through healing or tarot reading. You will get the course certificate.

Heal Mantras is bringing 7 healing courses in one bundle package. Only for a limited period of time, for a very small fee. The courses are on our online classroom, and you get attunements as well as certificates for each one of them. 

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